The UK Government annouced that The Beauty Industry can open again with restrictions from 13th July 2020. I will be required to use alot of PPE and this will temporarily affect the cost of my services. Rather than update all my prices, I will simply charge a £1.00 charge per client visit to contribute to the cost of the PPE. Hope that’s ok with you all.

We are lucky in the beauty industry, that we are used to working and providing a clean and sanitary environment, but even we need to up our game. In addition to the usual barbicide used for submerging tweezers between clients, these will be sterilised in my bead-steriliser between clients. All large tools will go in the UV Sanitising unit. All door handles, light switches, credit card machine, thermometer etc, etc will be cleaned between clients, floors steamed etc.

Bossy bit first – We all know the basics, but as a reminder, DO NOT ATTEND ANY APPOINTMENT if you have ANY Covid-19 symtoms including a loss of taste or smell, or a sore throat, wet cold or virul infection of any kind. Do not attend if you have been in contact with someone who has symptoms or if you are awaiting test results. Do not attend if you have been notified by a track and trace service that you have been in a place where someone has tested positive for Covid-19. Get a test, stay home until you’re in the clear. Don’t bring it to me, as you will close my business! You should self-isolate for 14 days. You know this! Any clients arriving for appointments with any of these symptoms will be refused treatment and not offered any further appointments. I’ve always insisted clients stay away if they’re ill, and I mean it more than ever now. 4 months with no income has not been a laugh, so I could do without having to close my doors as soon as i’ve opened them! Strict 24 hour cancellation policy applies. If you hold an appointment for more than two weeks in my diary and then cancel it, you will be charged 50%. I am turning lots of people away and it’s just not cricket to monopolise my diary and then cancel. Thank you. Bossy bit over 🙂 Hugs x


Be mindful that it is just little old me now. Sanitising between clients will have a significant impact on how many clients I can see in a day. Please be patient.

Some treatments have been temporarily withdrawn until risks are minimised. Skin-to-skin contact must be minimiused and therefore only 30 or 45 minute face down or side-lying massage will be available. It is essential to complete a new record card prior to your visit which will be sent to you via email approximately one hour after making your booking. Do let me know if you have had covid-19 and have any respiritory issues on-going so I can take extra care of you.

Due to new guidance would respectfully ask that you wear your own mask to your appointment. I will be wearing a visor and a mask too. Please go to the loo before your appointment if you can. It is fine to use the loo here, but I am trying to limit access to the house where possible.

Arrive AT your appointment time and not early. Please wait in your car until I come and get you. If you are arriving on foot or by bicycle, please wait until your appointment time, and I will come and get you. You will not be able to bring your bike into the porch, so please bring a lock and secure it to the front gate. Please leave all your belongings with the exception of your mask, water and payment card where possible.

Access to the main house is strictly limited due to covid-19 and therefore we will be using only the basement treatment room, which is access through the back of the main porch and down an exterior concrete stair case. Please wear sensible footwear. Heels are not recommended for safety reasons.

Sadly, there will be no hugs or hand-shakes on arrival – sad times 🙁 – Fear not – I shall make up for it when I’m allowed!

If you develop symptoms within 14 days of your appointment, you must let me know so that I can take the responsible steps to warn other clients. If any of my clients informs me that they have a positive result and you have been here during that time, I will be in touch with you. If I develop Covid-19 or my family members do, then I will have to close and cancel your appointment. So hoping this doesn’t happen, but we need to be realistic and responsible.

Please assess whether you feel you may have any symptoms at all before attending your appointment.
You will be offered hand gel on arrival. There is no waiting area, so arrive on your own. Friends or partners will not be allowed to come into the house and wait for you. If you and a partner are both having appointments, you will need to wait in the car for one another and take it in turns. So sorry if you have travelled 🙁
Please bring your own water bottle as I wont be able to offer drinks. Sad times.
Please refrain from using your mobile phone during your appointment.
Your room will be cleaned prior to your visit and again afterwards ready for the next client.
Payment by card only. The keypad will be sanitised before and after use.
You can remake your next appointment while you are here 🙂
Please remind yourself of my terms and conditions next.
I will try and make it as “not weird” as possible!
Hysterical laughter at my PPE is encouraged!

PS: – If you have been colouring your own hair at home or have been unwell during the Pandemic, please insist your hairdresser carry out a patch test at least 48 hours before you have your hair coloured. You should have your patch test repeated annually anyway, but now more than ever!