CACI Synergy – Non surgical facial toning and SO much more.

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So what’s that machine in your treatment room and what does it do?

Well, that machine is a CACI Synergy System! CACI (Pronounced K.C) is a household name in the Beauty Industry.

CACI works by lifting targetted muscles of the face with specialist probes and a patented micro-current.  If you imagine the slendertone pads for the tummy, used often in the early 2000’s…. This system would contract the muscle hard and quickly. Often feeling uncomfortable and passing quite quickly.  CACI’s patented current hits the skin gently and then resonates deep into the muscle, is pain-free, lasting longer and much more effective.


If you want change, you need a course. Yes, you can have a single treatment and you will feel firmness in the area we have worked on, and may see a visible brightening of the area.

As a course progresses, the intensity of the microcurrent is increased. There are 3 settings. The first 3 treatments are at the lowest setting; treatments 4-7 on the middle setting and treatments 8-10 on the highest setting.

You can of course have a single treatment, but the fact remains that you will never achieve the highest setting on the machine, so you’ll never get the same results.

CACI have a number of machines on the market. I am lucky enough to have the latest machine, which, in addition to the CACI microcurrent, also uses LED light to achieve even longer lasting results and additional skin benefits.  Red LED is amazing for collagen production, strenthening and healing. The Blue is wonderful for treatment Acne, intensely sensitive skins, is anti bacterial and calms redness.

My CACI Synergy System is not just for the face though… Oh no! I can treat ageing hands, necks, cellulite, and even sagging bottoms!

So, that’s the very basic and crude explanation of the science behind it….. If you want to know more, give me a call on 07739 848168! Why not come and try a treatment and see what you think!

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