My cancellation period is strictly 72 hours/3 days.

If you hold an appointment in my diary for more than two weeks and then cancel it outside of 72 hours, you will still be charged 100%. This is because others cannot book the slot that you have reserved.

In the event that the space can be re-filled and there is no loss to the business, only a £25 administration fee** will be charged. The remainder of your booking fee can be returned to you or held on account towards your next appointment.

If you book an appointment within 14 days of the appointment and then cancel, you will be charged 100% unless the space can be re-filled and there is no loss to the business, only a £25 administration fee** will be charged.

Re-arranging your appointment (unless you bring it forward to a sooner date) will still incur the cancellation charges above.

If you do need to cancel or rearrange your appointment, please telephone me immediately. I understand sometimes things crop up, but PLEASE ensure you know I am aware if you can’t make it by calling me. If you email or text me and haven’t had a reply, you can assume I am with clients and unaware.

If you are late for your appointment – I run strictly to time, so if you are late, your treatment will be adapted to ensure I am not late for my next client.  You will still be charged for what you have booked. I will do my absolute best to complete your treatment, but in the allotted time only.

In the case that not enough time remains to perform any part of the treatment, then it will be deemed a no-show as the treatment will not commence. For example, a brow shape is a 15 minute appointment. If you arrive 10 minutes into the appointment, not enough time remains to perform  any part of the service with a realistic outcome. The treatment will still be payable.

Same day cancellations are considered a no-show. This is because my diary is so busy that I am rarely able to find the time between appointments to react your cancellation, and there is rarely an opportunity to fill the slot.  I will absolutely do my best though!

Please be aware, you will be charged for what you have booked.  Time is allocated to accommodate your requests.  If you change your mind about the treatment you would like, you will still be charged unless 72 hours’ notice is given and there is no financial loss to the business.  

I reserve the right to refuse treatment without prejudice if I deem you not to be suitable or if I don’t feel comfortable. Please be sure to follow all the pre-treatment guidance associated with your booked treatment.

SICKNESS – If you are unwell, please telephone to rearrange your appointment as soon as possible.  There is no sick pay for the self-employed, and I would prefer you kept your illnesses to yourself.  Anyone displaying any symptoms of respiratory illness, heavy cold, any covid symptoms, sickness or diarrhoea whatsoever MUST stay away. If you attend your appointment and you are unwell, I am unable to treat you and you will be charged 100%  If I can re-fill your cancelled appointment and there is no loss to the business, only a £25 admin fee** will be charged. The more notice you give me, the more chance I have to fill the space.  I will rebook your appointment as soon as I possibly can when you’re well again.

If I am unwell, I will telephone you as soon as possible to re-arrange your appointment and in most cases, I will do my utmost to get you an appointment elsewhere if I possibly can. I will return all booking fees pertaining to that appointment as soon as is possible, or keep them on account for your next appointment if you prefer. Your choice entirely. Please be patient while I recover.

REFILLING YOUR CANCELLED APPOINTMENTS – Be assured, my terms and conditions and cancellation policy are written solely for the purpose of protecting myself from financial loss. My policy is not intended and never will be to profiteer from your illnesses, accidents, mis-haps and life hiccups!

I will do absolutely everything I can to re-fill your appointment as per my cancellation policy, but remember that this in itself comes at a cost to me.

Your appointment is not confirmed until it is paid for.  Your client status may be suspended until full payment has been made.

eGIFT – The value of eGift vouchers will be deemed the same as booking fees and therefore the gift will be forfeited in line with the cancellation policy in the event of late cancellation/no show.

I reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions to suit the needs of the business at any time.  Details of any changes will be advised on my website,, through my social media channels and through my email marketing activity.