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Here comes the rain – Yay!

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I am literally jumping for joy to see the rain! What a weirdo! Well, I’m not apologising for loving my garden. I have been respectfully watering the garden from the hose to conserve the remainly 3 mls of water in the water butts! I have 4 x 227 litre water butts behind my work building. It’s not enough! I am installing 4 x 100 litre drums at the side of the new patio taking water from the new flat roof, and intend to buy a 1200 litre tank at the side of the house to take water from the main roof! You can never have enough water for the garden.

My justification for using the hose (aside from inadequate supplies of rainwater), if that my Bath has been up-ended on our driveway for over 6 months! As a couple, we have most definitely done more than our share of water conservation here in Taunton! The ground is SO dry out and about, that I hope no-one suffers any flooding. We can’t seem to win!

We all know this extreme weather is global warming, and we all have a duty to damn well help to sort it out! If that is growing your own, regenerating the soil in your garden to absorb carbon, making your own compost, and recycling everything you can, I am reaching out to you all to pledge to do more for our environment. Just imagine how things will be for your kids and Grandchildren if you don’t do anything!

Little changes make a massive difference if enough people get on board with it! So, go on…. have a go! Start a compost bin in your garden. Your plants will love you for it and the ground will too!

Take part in a recycling drop off scheme like “Recycling for Trinity Scout Group

Buy some worms to excellerate the success of your composting – These are the ones I bought. You can use wood from an old pallet to make your compost heap, or buy a recycled plastic bin online. Check out your local recycling centre or council as they may offer a discount!

Harvest water for use in your garden. Your plants will prefer it to the chlorinated drinking water out of the tap, and it’s FREE! Save your water bill!!!!

Save your back and don’t dig! I know that sounds nuts, but if you dig, you release carbon into the atmosphere which is a big NO-NO! If you put your homemade compost onto the un-dug ground and plant your plant babies into the compost. The roots will make their own way down into the ground and the compost will just break down into the soil. Don’t worry – you’re not going to end up with 12ft high flower beds!!!!!!! Read this very interesting article from Poppy Okotcha about soil regeneration. I proimise it’s really easy reading – It’d have to be to engage me for more than 5 seconds). You imagine the MASSIVE impact this could have if all gardners across the UK did this! BE INCREDIBLE! Have a go!

Finally, let’s talk about what we’re eating, and where we’re buying it from…… Simon and I are jumping on the idea, thanks to my incredible mate Mel, about eating less meat, better quality meat, meat from a traceable source. Meat that’s produced from lovingly reared animals, where welfare standards are shit hot! Check out The Red Larder. Now, I’ve got to be honest, to embrace this, you need to accept you will pay double the price and get half as much. Until demand for this produce grows, the price will remain high, but we save up and buy enough to freeze. We thaw it as we need it, and it is absolutely delicious.

That’s it from me! I’m about to skip around my garden in the rain!

Big love, Louise x

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