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I feel I need to give a little explanation on how I came up with my new Price List, which is a little bit silly as I am sure you don’t question the price of milk with the owner of your favourite supermarket, nor might you think twice about the price of filling your fuel tank!

Mr Tilden is a proper nerd and calculated the percentage increase of random goods.  It is actually staggering that basics like eggs and butter have gone up almost 30% over the past 12 months.  So I am confident you’ll be in for a very nice surprise when you see that my price review is no where near that! 🙂

My calculation is based on the increased cost of supplies. My accountant is charging more, my insurance is costing more.  Skincare is largely unchanged, which is great, although CACI consumables and warranty have increased (Also, I have not changed my CACI prices for 6 YEARS, so it’s high time I did!)

But more importantly than all of this, and sadly I wanted to share with you a scary statistic. I have so far lost £5,542.00 since 1st April 2023 to date in lost/missed appointments.  This does not include the many others that I have successfully managed to re-book at no loss to me. This HAS to stop!

I recall a Lou’s News from 9 months ago, where I shared the terrible news of The Barn, Loxton and Pure Beauty in Chard both closing.  Two salons that I used to frequent that closed their doors.  Avoidable losses being a major contributing factor, as well as never having recoupped losses from the 9 months of crippling financial loss that came from the Pandemic in 2020. In that email, I put my foot down good and hard about my terms and conditions and yet I am still faced with resistance, and sometimes anger when I have to enforce my policies. This absolutely floors me.

I have implemented a software tweek to enable clients to put a deposit on account, but I havent enforced it because I don’t want folk going to the expense of paying upfront for a treatment at the time that you’re paying for the one you’re having.  I fully understand the pinch of the cost of living crisis, and I would prefer we just stuck to the way we always do thing, but with a full understanding for ALL my clients about what is expected in the event that you have to re-arrange.

You will see when you complete your digital medical consultation form that there is now a tick box for you to confirm that you have read and understood the terms and conditions, cancellation policy and all associated fees. This is non-negotiable. A printed copy can be obtained at your appointment.

It saddens me to mention this again. It really does, but remember that if you book a Berrys Coach ticket and you don’t take your seat, you don’t get a refund. If you book show tickets and you fall ill, you don’t get a refund. With me, it’s even more crucial. If I don’t work I don’t get paid, and I have bills to pay too!

I am sure you will agree that given a £5,542.00 loss this year alone, I am justified to protect myself?

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