Relax and enjoy the comfort and relaxation of a home-based treatment experience. I believe in sticking to what i’m good at and that’s why you’ll never get a nail treatment from me! You can be assured that every treatment I offer is delivered with professionalism and diligence. I LOVE being a therapist, and over the years I have developed the confidence to specialise in certain areas of the industry.

  • Specialist I offer the very best in CACI treatments as well as Organic skincare and a first class waxing service in addition to some very impressive Signature Treatments, developed exclusively by me.
  • Quality Products without compromise I use independent and unique suppliers. I only use the best.
  • Ethical & responsible My ethics are the soil onwhich my business has grown. I am extremely proud of that.
  • Exclusive I have earned a work/life balance and I make no apology for it. I am here for reliable clients during my flexible working hours. I do now choose not to work weekends after 35 years! I make no apology for that either!