She’s back. She’s rested. Get ready!

An image of Louise Tilden, Beauty Therapist
Investing in her own well-being during lock down.

Well, that’s got to be up there as one for the most stressful and unpleasant 4 weeks of my life! While some good folk have had the opportunity to enjoy furlough and the beautiful weather, I have been digging up a business I grew from seed and throwing it into the recycling bin! Horrible!

The Garden Room, Taunton grew from nothing, when I trained as a beauty & massage therapist in 2010. In 2012, my family moved to a beautiful property on South Road in Taunton and I grew my client base. It grew so much that within a couple of years I had two staff.

By 2018 we had recruited 2 additional part time therapists and in November, we completed the team with an incredible assistant. We had it sorted! We had just been nominated as finalists in Beauty Salon of the Year 2020 through Professional Beauty. This is literally “The Oscars” of our industry. We were still building the business and sorting out the very tight margin we worked to. I compromised profit over quality! All in benefit of the client and my own person ethics, but left us vulnerable. We were working hard on this and the whole team were on board and doing their bit.

Then came Covid-19. We weren’t ready (who was), and it hit us HARD. Sadly I decided we had no choice but to make redundancies and close the business. The Garden Room Taunton offically closes on 8th May 2020, some 8 years after it launched and almost 10 years after I qualified.

But I am a therapist. It’ what I trained to do, and it’s what I love to do. I will continue to work, but it will just be me, specialising in the parts of the industry that I love the most. Skincare & CACI Synergy Treatments, specialist waxing for men and women and Massage and body treatments. You wont be a nail treatment from me!

So here’s to the future. I’m laying the foundations for a new “normal”; whatever that will look like! When i’m working again, why not come along and find out.

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