Lola and Dotty are all part of the experience here…. there’s really no getting away from them unless they’re enjoying a day of fun at Doggie Daycare! They’re both rescue dogs, and as such are pretty special. Read their sob stories here.

Loa, rescue dog
~ Meet Lola ~
Lola was our first dog. I don’t mind admitting she is my substitute baby! She came to live with us in May 2015. Lola ended up in St Giles’ Animal Rescue Centre to be rehomed following an attack at her previous home where she endured a broken leg from a VERY nasty man. Lola never had a “voice”. We can only assume she had it beaten out of her. When she arrived she was 18 months old, an RSPCA prosecution case and pretty wild! I wasn’t able to walk her as she was SO strong, she would pull me over. Through no fault of her own, of course. She had never been trained. One saving grace was that she was house trained, but that was about it! We smothered her with love and slowly she grew in confidence. She is highly intellegent and learned the basics quickly. She found her voice, which is sometimes a pain, but now she knows she wont get a whack every time she uses it. Lola has made it her mission to alert me when we have visitors….. like the door bell doesn’t!!!! We love her to bits and hope you will to!
~ Meet Dotty ~

So…. after 3 years I was pretty broody again, and hey presto! After a little bit of persuasion, I managed to convince Simon (my lovely Husband) that a little companion for Lola was a GREAT idea! Off to St Giles’ we went on our search for our next little friend! They had recently rescued a pack of 38 dogs from a single dwelling. None of them neutered, micro-chipped or wormed. They were all crawling alive with fleas and with skin and eye problems. None of them were house trained, lead trained and they were all hungry – sad times. I instantly fell in love with Dotty! After much perseverance, I house trained Dotty. There was NOTHING that girl wouldn’t do for food!!!! She’s healthy, happy and loves her companion, Lola who has patiently accepted her and taught her all she knows! Dot loves nothing more than food…. and after that sleeping, cuddles and chasing Lola around Hawthorne Park. She gets up quite a pace for a little sausage!

Lola and Dotty have alot of fans, and they have their very own Facebook Page called The Lola and Dotty Show. You can give them a follow and watch their antics here.

~ BUT I DON’T LIKE DOGS!!!!!!! ~

Ah that’s a shame. But, I get it! They’re not for everyone, and you may have fears and phobias. Don’t worry. Be sure to mention this to me when you book, and I will ensure the dogs are in the house before your appointment.