We are lucky in the beauty industry, that we are used to working in, and providing, a clean and sanitary environment. But even we have had to up our game. I will continue with vigourous cleaning between clients ventilating the treatment space and wearing adequate PPE.

Bossy bit first – We all know the basics, but as a reminder, DO NOT ATTEND ANY APPOINTMENT if you have ANY Covid-19 symtoms including a loss of taste or smell, or a sore throat, cough, wet cold or virul infection of any kind.

Any clients arriving for appointments with any of these symptoms will be refused treatment and still be charged. I’ve always insisted clients stay away if they’re ill.


It is essential to complete a new record card prior to your visit which will be sent to you via email approximately one hour after making your booking. Do let me know if you have had covid-19 and have any on-going respiritory issues so I can take extra care of you.

I have relaxed my mask wearing policy. It is entirely your choice if you choose to wear one.

Arrive AT your appointment time and not too early. Please wait until your appointment time, and I will come and get you from the gate or your car. Cyclist welcome. Please bring your bike into the garden secure it.

Please assess whether you feel you may have any symptoms at all before attending your appointment.
Help yourself to hand gel on arrival and departure.

Your room will be cleaned prior to your visit and again afterwards ready for the next client.
Payment by card or cash.
Online booking is back – Ask how to access it.
Please remind yourself of my terms and conditions next.

Tint tests or tinted services are not permitted within 2 weeks of a covid vaccination. If you have had covid or a vaccination since your last tint/tint test, you must inform me and repeat a patch test.