My massage experiences are designed with total flexibility in mind. These can be easily adapted to suit your specific needs. All treatments are preceded with a thorough consultation where you will have an opportunity to discuss your needs, aches and pains and areas of tension.   All new massage clients are asked to read the pre-treatment guidance advice for massage prior to booking their first appointment.  If you are pregnant, you must avoid massage for the first trimester.  No essential oils will be used for ladies who are breastfeeding.

Full Body Massage (1 hour) £50.00
(90 minutes) £70.00

Massage is an ancient form of therapy used worldwide to soothe away aches and pains. Henrick Ling devised the Swedish Massage in the 1700. He was to discover the benefits of massage on all the systems of the body to promote equilibrium and balance between mind, body and soul. These redimentary techniques have been adapted and developed to bring you a deeply soothing treatment.

Back, Neck and Shoulder (30 minutes)

Back, Neck and Shoulder & Backs of Legs (45 minutes)

Hand, Feet and Scalp (30 minutes)
You can remain fully clothed for this soothing massage, or add onto a back neck and shoulder massage for an additional £25

Hot Stone Massage Treatment (75 mins)

Shaped and smoothed volcanic basalt lava stones are warmed to 120ºf. Chosen for their ability to retain heat they are used to deliver a deeply warming and relaxing massage experience. Clients can experience a state of almost meditative relaxation where balance of the chakras can be restored.

Warm Bamboo Massage (1 hour)

Indulge yourself in our latest massage therapy!  A deep and muscle melting treatment that promises a boost to your circulation and skin hydration. Ideal for clients who prefer a deeper pressure. Our heated bamboo sticks are specially heat treated to ensure their durability, smoothness and heat retention.  Try it!

Thai Foot Massage (45 minutes)
An ancient therapy incorporating all parts of the foot and lower leg.  Thai Foot Massage includes hands-on stretching, massage and stimulation of the reflex points. The massage itself and is thought to stimulate the activity of internal organs and thus be hugely beneficial for optimum internal health, lymph drainage and an improvement in movement. Allow yourself to drift away with the unique soundtrack that accompanies this wonderful therapy.  

Indian Head Massage (30 minutes)

The origins of this wonderful treatment are based on traditional Indian medicine – Ayurveda. Including traditional techniques to cover the upper back, arms, neck, face and scalp, this seated massage can be performed with or without oil. Indian Head Massage promotes deep relaxation and aims to clear the energy pathways of the etheric body, known as chakras. This treatment can offer relief from headaches, eye-strain, aching muscles, nasal congestion and stress. It can also alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, mild depression and low self-esteem.

Vai Miti Roa (Big Wave) Lomi Lomi Massage (90 minutes)

This luxurious spa treatment will leave your skin silky smooth and enlivened. Incorporating a full body exfoliation and  long, progressively deeper massage strokes and stretches, this massage replicates the waves of the sea.  You will be wrapped in towels and gently pampered. 

Specialist Cancer Massage (30 minutes/45 minutes/1 hour)

Louise qualified with the Amethyst Trust to safely and respectfully carry out tailored massage therapies to clients through most stages of their cancer treatment. A letter from the oncology department will be required and the consultation is carried our prior to treatment so that on the day, it’s all about the massage and not the illness.

Pregnancy Massage (1 hour)

Comfort is key and you can enjoy being fully supported with lots of squishy pillows. No essentials oils will be used during the massage and you will be massage for the majority of the treatment lying on your side. This treatment includes a gentle and comforting foot scrub. I am no longer able to massage the abdomen in Pregnancy massage.