I am an experienced waxer; qualified in advanced waxing techniques and fully insured. I use the very best waxes from Ashmira Botanica to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

You may be familiar with the terms Back-sac & crack, Boyzillian, Hollywood. What does it all mean? These are terms to describe the “look” you require.  We keep it simple here.  You get the look you want, and we charge by area and time taken.  It’s not all below the belt though, Gents;  Facial and body waxing offered with favourable prices for multiple areas.  If you want to know more about “specialist” (a term used to describe hair removal from your genitals) waxing, read on….. Or simply download the price list here.

So what happens?
 – This process can be started prior to your first appointment.  Simply disclose any medical conditions, allergies, skin disorders or medications at the time of booking.  Nothing is too minor.  Please just mention it.  Some medical conditions, allergies, medications and topical lotions can mean that we are unable to go ahead with your appointment.  You will be sent a consultation form electronically to complete at home. When you arrive for your consultation appointment you will then be shown to the treatment room and trial the waxes on your inside wrist to test for adverse skin reaction. I reserve the right to refuse treatment. The consultation appointment is an opportunity for us to meet, and for me to run through the procedure with you. A consultation appointment is required for ALL new clients receiving any of our specialist services and is not optional. Consultation appointments must be carried out at least 48 hours prior to your treatment appointment.
Preparation – Make sure the hair is long enough – No shaving, epilating, tweezing or hair removal creams 3 weeks prior to a wax or those pesky hairs just wont budge. Best to exfoliate (body scrub or dry brush, I can supply you with both) the area the day before and ensure the hair is the correct length (ideally about 1/2cm).  If the hair’s too long, trim it before your appointment!
The Treatment Low-Down for down below – Please arrive for your appointment showered and not straight from the gym! You will need to remove all clothes from the waist down and freshen up thoroughly front-to-back with a cleansing wipe which is provided.  You will cover yourself with a towel.  The temperature of the wax will be tested on your wrist.  I wear gloves throughout the treatment.  The area to be waxed will be prepared using our fabulous products.  You will be required to assist in stretching your skin to aid comfort. Small sections of wax will be applied and then swiftly removed.  You will be advised throughout the treatment of ways in which you can assist.
Aftercare –
Soothing and cooling aftercare products will be applied immediately after treatment.  For 24 hours after your wax, do not swim, have sauna or hot baths or sunbeds.  Only apply suitable aftercare products to the area to soothe the skin.  Avoid sex if you have had a genital wax and avoid sun exposure and tightly fitting underwear & exercise. Please refer to the aftercare advice section of this website to download your pre and post treatment advice.

Frequently asked questions…..

Why do people get their “bits” waxed? – It’s as simple as a matter of choice and that it is becoming more popular. You must be over 18 to book my specialist wax servcies, and be mindful that mature skin can be more delicate and we wont truly know how your skin will react in that region until we start. If I feel your skin is too delicate, I will stop the treatment.
Will it hurt? – It’s not like breaking a leg, but is not completely pain free. Alcohol may provide you with a little Dutch courage, but it will NOT assist you with discomfort; quite the opposite infact, as alcohol is known to bring the blood to the surface of the skin, making it more sensitive.  You can help to reduce the discomfort by stretching the skin.  You will be shown what to do.  It’s team work!
Will I be turned away?
You will only ever be turned away if you are not medically suitable for waxing, if you have not showered, if you are or appear drunk or under the influent of drugs or if your hair is not long enough. These scenarios are all completely avoidable and you will still be charged the full fee.  Any suggestive/sexual/inappropriate behaviour is not welcome here.  I don’t use the term “intimate” waxing, as there is nothing remotely intimate about it.  If you act like an idiot you will be reported to the Police without hesitation and the treatment will stop immediately.
What if I get an erection?
It happens!  Don’t worry about it.  I wont.  Just ignore it.  I will.
I am worried about how I smell?
If you think you may have bacterial vaginosis, candida (thrush) or any other form of irregularity then I can’t go ahead with your wax. Get checked out by a GP without delay and rearrange your appointment. Don’t attend an appointment with any form of odour or irregular discharge as the service will have to stop and you will still be charged.
How long will a specialist wax take?
Everyone is different and appointment times will vary depending on what look you wish to achieve.  You will be advised an approximate appointment length at the time of booking.
How much will it cost?
There is a minimum charge of £30 for any specialist wax service.
What can go wrong?
You are invited to take a patch test 48 hours prior to treatment. This way you can ensure you are not allergic to the wax.  Some clients experience a lumpy rash straight after waxing.  This is a histamine response and typically subsides all by itself.  Occasionally, if the skin is not pulled taught, you can suffer bruising or the skin can be grazed.  The skin may feel tender straight after your wax, but should subside within a couple of hours if you follow the aftercare advice given.  If you are at all unhappy with any reaction, please seek medical attention.
Aftercare: Please refer to the aftercare advice given on this site prior to booking. You must follow this advice strictly.  I stock a selection of post wax products which I would consider an essential part of your homecare.