Comfort is Key!

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Creating ambience comes in many forms, but it really is a crucial part of your visit. From the moment you arrive and see the lovely gate with the lovingly trained Jasmine creeping up the trellis either side, you will notice a visually appealing entrance and glorious heady fragrance!

The treatment room is even more important, with the scents of the aromatherapy oil diffuser, I love the Neals Yard Focus Blend and Womens Balance. Both are soothing and calming,

Lighting is really important, and to create a cosy inviting space, scented candles are lit to twinkle away, giving gentle flickering shadows.

Temperature is really important too! Not too hot and not too cold! That’s the key. When we built our treatment space we included air conditioning units in each area. These can provide heat and also cool the space on a hot day. The Summer here in Taunton has been amazing, but with very little rainfall and soaring temperatures, it makes holidaying at home a real possibility!

No matter the weather, you can look forward to enjoying the perfect temperature during your treatment.

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