We have a date!

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Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has announced his road-map for the personal care industry to reopen from Monday 12th April. This TARGET DATE is very much based on the success of relaxing of rules in previous stages. Furthermore, the Government has not yet confirmed whether we will be allowed to offer treatments in the high risk zone straight away (facials, facial waxing, lashes, head massage, brows etc – last time we have to wait a further two weeks AFTER re-opening) I am hopeful it will all be ok, but have no guarantees.I will spend today going through the guideance on the Gov.uk website to establish all the facts. There’s only so much the poor chap can deliver in a press conference, after all!Priority for appointments will be offered to the many clients whose appointments from January 2021-March 2021 we cancelled due to lockdown. Once they have all been booked back in I will have a better idea of what availability I will have for other existing clients. I will let you know on here and on my newsletter when I have spaces. To add to the complication is my house move! This continues to be a thorn in my back-side currently. Again, I will keep you posted. IF we move when the chain hopes to move, I WILL be able to offer appointments from 12th April dependant on all the caveats above!Only at that point will I be able to offer appointments to new clients, for which I am truly sorry.I hope all that makes some sense, and apologies it’s not 100% set in stone. ❤️

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