LVL is BACK and it’s better than EVER!

Ceralash lift is the BRAND NEW formulation from Nouveau Lashes! LVL (Length, Volume, Lift), but BETTER! The treatment time has been reduced, and new products developed to improve the condition of the lashes, and reduce the risk of over processing with Ceramides.

If you used to enjoy an LVL Lash Lift with me back in the ” Garden Room” days, then you’re in for a treat!

A lash lift takes your straight, downward facing, straight lashes, tints them from root to tip and lifts them upwards, setting them into place for a wide eyed look! It’s really quite remarkable. If you look after your lashes to the letter, the lift will last 6-8 weeks.

To complement the treatment is a 3 stage home care system to further enhance your results. Suitable for men and women, and teens OVER 16 accompanied by an adult, it’s the best natural lash treatment available today!

Nouveau Lashes, as a company have improved their patch testing requirements, make this NEW TREATMENT more accessible. A patch test has to be carried out every 6 months and after any change in medical history (including any vaccinations or covid diagnosis for example). A full consultation is required and clients with watery eyes, eye infections of any kind, anyone whose previously reacted to tint or LVL Patch test, or Henna Tattoo will not be suitable for this treatment.

It is essential in the run up to your appointment that you do not wear any mascara (and certainly NO waterproof mascara) as it coats the lashes and can reduce the effect.

Clients wanting to experience this treatment can book online, but please ensure you also book a patch test appointment at least 72 hours prior to your appointment and not within 2 weeks of a covid booster or change in medical history.

An introductory offer of £40 will be available until 1st March 2023 for your first appointment only.

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