The “No-Needle” solution to youthful looks

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Don’t you agree that a lot of women are literally LOOKING LIKE they’ve had “work” ? Is it just me, or is this becoming very common-place?

I’m turning 50 Years silly this year, and I’m very happy with the ageing process so far. I certainly don’t feel my age, and I definitely don’t act it! I wonder if that;s part of the reason why I have kept my youthful skin.

My skincare routine is no secret. I use Eminence Organic Skincare everyday and protect my skin from the sun, opting for High SPF’s and re-applying regularly.

I have also had a course of CACI Synergy, remove any make-up at night and have plenty of make-up-free days.

I keep active, enjoy a good, varied diet. That’s it, really. Pretty basic, but works!

I have adopted the preventative approach to my skin. My only regret is not starting to look after the skin on my neck sooner! I have bleated on at my Daughter for years about this to ensure she applies her facial moisturiser to her neck as well as her face. I always share this little nugget of wisdom with my clients.

My CACI Synergy System is amazing for tightening muscles of the face, neck and body, improving skin texture and tone and helping to lift hooded eye-lids, sagging jowls and reducing eye bags (to name a few things).

Truth of the matter is, if you want CHANGE, you require a course.

If you are lucky enough to be in your 30’s, this is the IDEAL time to start your journey with CACI. Mother nature is still being very kind to you, and CACI will simply maintain and boost your youthfulness. Treat it as a preventative measure to premature ageing.

Fine examples of people you may know who have done exactly this are actress, Jennifer Anniston, and Singer/Songwriter, Jennifer Lopez. They have both been having CACI since their 30’s. NO surgery, NO fillers, NO gimmics, just 100% natural beauty, supported with CACI. How amazing do these ladies look?

Talk to me today about what CACI can do for you.

I will always be honest and manage your expectations. This is not a Harley Street £50k facelift, and nor would I ever want it to be.

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