The REAL “cost of living” crisis

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Covid 19 has finally caught up with me! I tested positive on Tuesday 12th July, 2022. Not bad, eh?! I managed to avoid it for this long. I feel rubbish and the “cost” is huge, Not only cancelling clients and losing precious income, but missing out on a friend’s Wedding on Saturday, cancelling trademen which causes further project delays, missing Pride 2022, Parkrun.

I’ve had lots of fun stuff going on lately. Hyde Park Festival, Cricket T20 (what a game)!!! Is this the new “cost of living”? Was it worth it? The jury’s still out on that one i’m afraid.

Following Government Guidelines, I will avoid contact for a minimum of 5 days and return to work once I am testing negative again. If everyone did this, we wouldn’t all be testing positive again would we?

Please respect my need to get better and avoid calling until at least Monday 18th. I feel pretty rough.

Due to the high number of appointments I have had to cancel, I am unable to book any new appointments in until the first week of August.

Playing catch up is hard, so please be patient.

Going back to bed now…… Louise x

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